Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you accept insurance?

We are a cash practice and do not bill insurance. We do accept Flex Spending cards or Health Savings Cards.

Do you offer payment plans?

Full payment is due at the time of service. We accept all forms of credit cards, cash, or checks. 

What age do you need to be to see Dr. Olsen?

Dr. Olsen sees patients of all ages. 

Can I come in and meet Dr. Olsen before deciding to become an established patient?

Dr. Olsen offers a complimentary 10-15 minute meet and greet appointment. No medical advice is given during this appointment. It is simply for you to meet Dr. Olsen, see our office, and determine if your goals for health and wellness mesh before you make the investment to work with Olsen Naturopathic Clinic. 

What can I expect at my first appointment?

At the first appointment, Dr. Olsen will take a complete medical history. Your appointment will last approximately one hour to an hour and a half. Please bring any medications or supplements you are currently taking, and any lab work you have had completed in the past. At the end of your appointment, you and Dr. Olsen will create health goals which will determine the next step and will potentially formulate a treatment plan. 

What can I expect at my second appointment?

Dr. Olsen will review any labs or test results you had done after your initial consultation. He will design and discuss a treatment plan based on those results. 

Can I become a patient if I do not live in the area?

Dr. Olsen does require you come to the office for the first two appointments to become an established patient. After those two appointments, Dr. Olsen will offer phone consultations. The fees are the same as office visits.

Can Dr. Olsen be my Primary Care Physician? 

Dr. Olsen is trained as a Primary Care Physician. However, Michigan does not define Naturopathic Physicians as Primary Care Doctors at this point in time. We encourage you to retain a primary care physician.

What are Dr. Olsen’s treatments and approaches with his patients?

Dr. Olsen’s approach involves treating the individual as a whole.  He examines the interaction of physical, mental, emotional, and environmental factors as they pertain to achieving optimal health and wellness. Treatments may involve one or more of the following: Botanical Medicine, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Nutrition, and Nutraceutical Supplementation. 

What are Nutraceutical Supplements?

Nutraceutical supplements are pharmaceutical grade supplements. You must be a physician in order to obtain these supplements. 

When can I expect to see changes in my health once I BEGIN my treatment plan?

A treatment plan is a starting point. Everyone heals at a different rate. Success will be determined by the ability to maintain and follow the suggestions of Dr. Olsen. We recommend scheduling a brief appointment about 4-6 weeks after you start your treatment plan to make sure your progress is moving in the right direction. Your treatment plan can be altered at any point in time based on your progress.

Can I buy supplements if I am not a patient?

In order to purchase any supplements through our office, you must be a patient and have completed the initial consultation.  The reason for this office policy is due to the fact that we do not know your medical history and would not want there to be potential negative interactions or harm from other medications or supplementation. 

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