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Naturopathic physicians are trained as general medical practitioners in family practice with a specialty in natural medicine to treat disease and restore health. In practice, the licensed naturopathic physicians has the ability to perform physiological examinations, laboratory testing, nutritional and dietary assessment, blood based allergy testing, and other clinical and physical diagnostic testing.

Methods of Naturopathic Medicine

Photo of Milk Thistle – Naturopathic Methods, Botanical Medicine


Plants are medicine. Some of the strongest prescribed medications were originally–and still are–formulated from botanically-based plants. Naturopathic physicians are trained in botanicals. Botanicals are used in similar context as medical doctors use drugs. However, naturopathic physicians attempt to stimulate the immune system and restore homeostasis and not suppress. Botanicals given in the wrong dose have the potential to suppress and be toxic. It is of the utmost importance importance to work with a qualified professional. 

Photo of Arnica – Naturopathic Methods, Homeopathy


Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine which gives relief from suffering to millions of people in nearly every country in the world. It is based on the practice “like with like.” The practice of homeopathy treats the whole person as an individual, rather than treating the disease alone. It should be noted that it is not unlikely for patients with the same condition to be treated with different remedies.

Homeopathy works as a healing process where medicines stimulate and encourage the body’s natural healing forces of recovery. The principle of treating “like with like” is based on treating an illness with a substance that produces, in a healthy person, similar symptoms to those experienced in the sick person.

Conventional medicine believes that symptoms are caused by the illness; whereas homeopathy and naturopathic medicine see the symptoms as the body’s natural reaction in fighting the illness and seek to stimulate, rather than suppress them. Homeopathic medicines are completely safe with no unwanted side effects or contraindications. They are non-addictive, safe for babies, children and people of all ages.

Water Therapy – Naturopathic Methods, Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy is the use of alternating hot and cold water treatments to achieve vasoconstriction and dilation of blood vessels. This process helps the body move lymph and nutrients to focus on healing specific areas of the body. Hydrotherapy can easily be taught to family members for home care. It is very inexpensive to use, but highly effective in its outcome.

Photo of rainbow swiss chard – Naturopathic Methods, Nutrition


The foods we consume have direct correlations to bodily function and well-being. Nutrition is comprehensively discussed during the consultation between the naturopathic physician and the patient. Often a food intake diary is utilized. This creates a comprehensive picture of potential sensitivities that may be exacerbating conditions. Sometimes the most common food sources can precipitate symptoms which, when removed from the diet, improve overall health and well-being.

Supplements – Naturopathic Methods, Supplementation


Supplements, vitamins, and various nutraceuticals are sold at our office. We work solely with professional grade products that are not available over the counter. Dr. Olsen has researched all of the products he carries to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.